Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"

Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"
Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

“You May Be Wrong But You May Be Right” (First Spoilers About Alex?)

It's about time we have something to discuss, as two articles I've found have small Modern Family Season 7 spoilers. This article contains the first hints as to what we might see for Alex this upcoming year (well, at least the first part anyway). There's not a lot of details (heck they haven't even started filming yet – the table read for the first episode was just today) but there are couple of items for speculation.

"Every Day Is A Winding Road. I Get A Little Bit Closer"

Well, there's one little bit of good news as we reach the eight week mark to the start of Season 7 - we're entering the period of summer re-run season where the really good episodes from Season 6 start to re-air.  "Spring Break" airs tonight, and "Grill, Interrupted" airs next Wednesday night.  Unless they double up on a week (like last week with "Connection Lost" and "Closet? You'll Love It!") down the road that leaves one week either with no episode or with an episode from earlier in the season.

We'll get there - it's just a question of what will be waiting for us (I'm still waiting for more info on that).

Sunday, July 19, 2015

“At The Edge Of The Ocean, We Can Start Over Again”

Well, in spite of its potential with Emmy nominations being announced on Thursday and a new movie coming out this past Friday, this didn't turn out to be a game-changing week for Ariel Winter.  And, depending on how a seemingly unrelated Modern Family casting change plays out, it may not end up being a good week for Alex's fans either.

Monday, July 13, 2015

"Let's Do The Time Warp Again"

It's amazing how on one hand summer seems to be going so quickly (especially considering how little I've been able to do in the past seven weeks), and yet at the same time September 23rd is still so far away (ten weeks from Wednesday).