Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"

Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"
Alex in "A Stereotypical Day"

Monday, December 26, 2016

"Oh No, Not Again(?)" (First Impressions - "Sarge And Pea" - Season 8, Episode 11)

[12/28 UPDATE: Now that promo photos have been added to SpoilerTV's post I'm a little bit more optimistic about this episode - there are some photos with Alex (and Haley) apparently interacting with some other guy.  So there is a little bit of hope that we will get more out of this episode than I originally thought.]

The good news is Alex is mentioned in this episode's press release.

The bad news? We may be looking at a case of déjà vu all over again:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Baby Cried The Day The Circus Came To Town" (First Impressions - “Ringmaster Keifth” - Season 8, Episode 10)

The press release and promotional photos have been released for the first episode of 2017.  The title is not a replacement for one of the other previously named titles ("Sarge & Pea", "Sushi Chefs" and "Do You Believe In Magic").

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

“You've Been Gone Seventeen Days, Seventeen Long Nights”

Well that didn't take long – when this episode started the night of the dance it became almost a certainty that Alex wouldn't be there.   And she wasn't.

And that's that.

At least we found out (via voiceover during the closing production credits) that we only have to wait until January 4th for the next new episode.  Hopefully there's a big story for Alex in it (the press release will probably appear next week).

Sorry, that's all I've got tonight.

“In The Meadow We Can Build A Snow Man”

So much for “safe guesses” - I was more than certain there would be a rerun of last season's “White Christmas” next Wednesday.

Nope – we're getting a repeat of “A Stereotypical Day” (and the beginning of Alex's mono battle) instead. And my TV listings show no other episodes airing through Christmas night. It looks like we're not going to get to hear Alex sing again after all (it looks like it isn't airing in syndication or on USA either).

Which brings us back to this week, and the final new episode of 2016, “Snow Ball”. I did see Christmas decorations in one scene in the promo, so it will be at least an unofficial holiday episode.

But there still was no sign of Alex – so do I have much hope for tonight?

Friday, December 9, 2016

"And Darling You Can Best Believe There's Nothing Up My Sleeve"

How quiet have things been the past week and a half?  The only "news" I've found was one new episode title - "Do You Believe In Magic".   And since that title all but screams Phil (most likely with Claire if anybody), you probably can already guess how little hope I have for a role for Alex in that one.

Well, at least you all know I'm still here.