Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")

Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")
Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")

Friday, April 29, 2016

“Please Come To L.A. To Live Forever”

As you probably already know by now (and if you don't, why not?), Ariel has made her big decision about where she's going to college next year:

Monday, April 25, 2016

"Everybody All Aboard - Anybody Wanna Take This Ride?" (First Impressions - "Crazy Train" - Season 7, Episode 21)

A quick word on my schedule first - unfortunately, this working Wednesday nights1 has for now become semi-permanent (ah the joys of working retail), so I will not be home when "Promposal" airs next Wednesday night at 9:00 - I won't get around to watching it until about 11:00 (assuming my DVR doesn't flake out on me, then it might not be until sometime Thursday after it becomes available on iTunes).  So I probably won't have a recap ready at the usual just after 12:30 time, unless I end up not having much to say (which actually has a good chance of happening, given how little I see Alex having to do next week).  I might make a temporary or placeholder post advising when the recap might be ready, but please don't hold me to that.

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled ranting, as the press release for the penultimate episode of the season is ready.

Monday, April 18, 2016

"We Broke Up For Good Just An Hour Before" (First Impressions - "Promposal" - Season 7 - Episode 20)

Well, we are getting a new episode on May 4th.  But, yet again, no mention of Alex.

[4/19 UPDATE: Promo pictures have been added, but, again (surprise, surprise) no sign of Alex in them either.]

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

“Suitcase And An Old Guitar” (“Man Shouldn't Lie” Recap)

So everything went OK today with my medical procedure, although it left me a bit tired - I actually almost missed tonight's episode when I dozed off around a quarter to 6 and didn't wake up again until about 8:45 (I did have the DVR set just in case I was still a little loopy at 9). No, I wasn't quite as out of it as Alex was in “Hit And Run” after Phil gave her the drowsy medicine, but I'm still glad that's done.

Now, was it a good thing I woke up or not? Eh. Alex's story wasn't particularly big, but it was cute.

“Why Must I Chase The Cat?”

Given that tonight's “Man Shouldn't Lie” involves Alex, Sanjay and a dog (to varying degrees), I'd figured a line from “Atomic Dog” seemed fitting for the pre-show:

Monday, April 11, 2016

“I Found A Light In The Tunnel At The End”

Well, for the first time in ages, something interesting may finally happen with Alex – click here to check out the sneak preview (the first third of it is the interesting part) for this coming Wednesday's episode.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“It Happened To Me Again. Third Time (Un)Lucky.”

So, for those of you who wonder why I'm such a pessimist, I give you this morning's pre-show post as Exhibit No. 69,105, in which I didn't think an Alex-less episode was likely, as why being optimistic usually comes back to bite me in the, um, you know.

OK, I did trail off my last comment with a “but...”, and did use the word "medium" for the chance level, so it wasn't like I didn't see tonight coming.

And while my prediction of six Alex-less episodes almost certainly won't happen (with only four left she'd have to go missing in the next three, since she'll be in the finale, I think), in one sense I'm actually closer than I thought. I just needed to change the wording of my prediction a bit.

Instead of asking how many episodes Alex would not be in, if I had asked how many she would be in, the answer before the start of the season would have been 18 (the expected 24 episodes minus the 6 predicted Alex-less ones). Well, with the season down to 22 episodes, and with 3 Alex-less ones so far, that means at most she'll be in 19. And if either a) we get one more Alex-less episode (and there is still a possibility for that to happen next week, albeit far slimmer than this one), or b) we get stuck with a repeat on May 4th too (also unlikely, but...) then there's your 18.

(Of course, just to make me look like a fool again, watch both a) and b) happen, or a) twice.)

Having said all of that, when Claire mentioned how Alex was a good child (while all the other kids were in various degrees of trouble), did anyone else expect the ending being Alex coming in doing something totally unAlex-like (e.g. bringing home a boy while dressed more like Haley, or even more weird than that)?  On the other hand, that not being the ending really wasn't a bad thing given how often I've worried about Alex being due to actually get hit by one of those “bullets” she's been dodging the past two seasons.

On the bright side, this was the best of the three Alex-less episodes this season (so far?), although that doesn't really say much given the competition (“She Crazy” was bad, “Thunk In The Trunk” was better but still dull).  It was still quite funny, though.

Hmmm, for a non-recap I sure ended up saying a lot...

"There's A (Pity?) Party Goin' On Right Here"

It's been confirmed (via ABC's schedule grids) that there will be repeats on April 20th and April 27th ("The More You Ignore Me" and "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House").  Which means barring something crazy happening 22 will be the "magic" number.  It's a good thing we already know Season 8 is coming or I'd be sweating bullets the next few weeks  (remember how I felt that only having 22 episodes this season might have put the show's future in doubt?)

Monday, April 4, 2016

"So Tell Me, Do You See Me?" (End Of Season First Thoughts)

ABC issued their press release outlining their programming highlights for May sweeps today.  Barring an unlikely last minute switch, Modern Family will have their season finale on May 18th after all.  I know I was hoping it would happen the following week to give us a better chance of seeing 24 episodes, but, of course, I should have known as soon as I said something that wouldn't happen.  I'll get back to the scheduling possibilities shortly.