Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")

Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")
Looking for a new roommate ("The Day Alex Left For College")

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

“We're At Full Circle”

A longer clip from a scene at the Dunphy house from tonight's “Alone Time” has been posted to Twitter:

It looks like we may have something to add to a “Poor Alex” list. But which one? And does it make tonight more interesting than we thought?

Anticipation Level: Low to Medium. Well, a little – this was going to probably be no better than low before I saw that clip. I still think that the story being about Phil and Claire will overshadow anything involving the kids so I'm still not exactly counting down the minutes to 9:00.

OTOH, we are down to the final 2, so...

Emotional Moment Potential: Low to Medium. If Alex's troubles are played mostly for laughs or what we've seen is all we will see then we probably won't see a lot of emotion. But if she has another overstudying-related meltdown (and that clip has a lot of “coming around full circle” written all over it)...

Game Changing Potential: Low. I was going to put this category in mothballs for the summer with the “Chance of An Alex-less Episode” category, but, again, that clip is just intriguing enough to at least give this episode a small sliver of a chance of being a life changer for Alex. But not a big sliver.

Are There Any Other Questions? Speaking of “coming around full circle”, is there some foreshadowing going on here about the show's future? We'll have to keep waiting on this, but that was a interesting choice of scenes to send out in advance.

Back at you tonight, unless something big happens today.

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