Christmas with Alex through the years

Christmas with Alex through the years
Christmas with Alex through the years

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

“Will We Still Remember Everything We Learned In School?“

Season 8 wraps up tonight with “The Graduates”. No, contrary to what Alex said to Jay the day she got accepted into CalTech she did not graduate in 2 years, so tonight isn't about her. I suppose we can hope that when Season 10 (and, in all likelihood, the series) ends she gets to go out with one last big commencement speech, but, hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves – back to tonight:

Anticipation Level: Medium. Well, it is the last chance to see Alex for four months, so yes, there is some anticipation. But compared to the last few seasons, there doesn't appear to be much to see tonight. That there's no sign of Ben also probably means no surprise story/cliffhanger either.

Emotional Moment Potential: High. Based off the promo photo that shows Alex sad at the ceremony, I'm guessing Luke says something nice about her in his graduation speech that makes her cry at least a little bit (that and in the promo commercial Alex gets on Phil's case about crying at the ceremony, so irony will likely rear its head later). I hope it's really nice (e.g. Luke thanks Alex for challenging him to do better) so that I'll get a tear in my eye.

Game Changing Potential: Low. Again, it's the season finale, so (almost) anything is possible. Just not very likely.

Are There Any Other Questions? I've got seven-deuce off-suit (or, in non-poker terms, nothing).

One last recap tonight. Be there – please?

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